Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

This past month we have had a large amount of returning members as well as members who have tried crossfit at other gyms.  They seem to be surprised and excited at the new approach we have adopted over the last couple of years.  The way we train and the detailed individual training required to be able to train in the group.   They have all said the same thing, I would not have stopped or gotten injured if I had done that the first time.  We make sure you have a solid understanding and ability to perform all the movements utilized in classes, training philosophies, recovery techniques and proper progressions that apply to you specifically.  You are not just one of the people in class. We train you individually. Your specific issues, your concerns,your movement faults, your learning style. Classes are not where we learn the basics or get thrown into rope climbs, snatches or muscle ups. It is not about the intensity for a while.  You need to have an understanding and understand your scaled version before you get to class. If not your likelihood of success is very low. Your likelihood of being discouraged, finding any excuse to quit … or worse, getting injured, are very high.  Not at NSCF!

NSCF pioneered all of the entry programs to get into class over the past 8 years.  Jump right in, 6 group level 1 classes, 12 group level 1 classes, 3 privates, 6 privates.  All with the same extremely low retention result.  The reason is because we were always trying to give you the easiest and fastest way into the group classes.  It was always what we could cram in and say we covered.  It was never about making sure you could actually do what we taught and retain the information.  We were afraid you would not be willing to pay for the individual attention and not join.  We have finally figured it out and we were so wrong.  Our new clients could not be happier and they totally get it.  You need as many privates as it takes you to understand training, perform the movements and have a basic fitness level to actually succeed in a CrossFit class.  Getting into class is not automatic, it is the reward for hard work and practice.  In class you can use your newly acquired skill and knowledge to get into the best shape of your life.

Returning members need to schedule at least one private session.   The reason…things have changed. For you and us. Our goal is to have everyone training at NSCF to get the individual attention they need to progress and succeed injury free.  That is not possible in the group classes alone. We need to reassess your fitness level, make sure you have a solid understanding of how the programming works and how to interact with your coach.  We also need to work on some fundamentals you may have forgotten or not been taught in our old group entry classes.

New members coming from other gyms may need 1 or may need 10 sessions to get up to speed.  It will depend on how much attention and coaching you received at your previous gym.  We can usually get you up to speed quickly.

Fall Promotion:

The Month of November:

All returning members and athletes with previous CrossFit gym experience will get a private training session on NSCF!

The Month of December:

All members of NSCF will get a refresher private for 50% off ($37.50).  That includes all the members that do regular privates with their coaches to perfect skills.  I know there are some big smiles going on right now.

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