Wednesday, November 27th 2013

There was an interesting article posted on an affiliates site this week that some of our members have reposted on Facebook and had commented on.  The title is “CrossFit Cheaters Anonymous and “Rx’ing” WODs.  Normally I do not pay much attention to these types of posts but because I just had to hear about it so I figured I would chime in.  I hope I do not offend anyone with my views.  I am just a guy kicking around the CrossFit scene since 2005.  We have seen it occasionally at NSCF.  I am not going to lie, at one point many years ago I would get myself worked up a little bit about it.  Not anymore.  I usually just smile go on my way teaching.  The need to cut reps to move up the rankings on the board and be one of the elites is a side affect of the newly discovered CrossFit Athlete in their new sport.  They are in search of status.  They want it so bad.  We have seen this CrossFit fitness movement turn into  ”The Sport of Fitness”.  And we all know that in every sport a select few will do just about anything for status or money.  It really comes down to their understanding of training and what kind of culture you teach them when they start their training.  Most who get thrown into the CrossFit culture without any formal training have a choice.  Adapt, wash out or get injured trying.  Most wash out but the select few get down.  Hard and Fast.  It quickly becomes about moving and finishing fast.  Really fast.  They learn early that in order to not finish an hour after everyone else they just need to cut a few reps here or there.  When slowed down and taught properly that would be a part of their scaling strategy.  When crash coursed into the fire it is a survival strategy which can turn into a bad habit of cutting reps.  And then there is the occasional person who learned how to count watching the tootsie pop commercial.  They just lose track of their reps and round up.  Either way, don’t let it get under your skin.

Because you understand your training so well you know it is all about development and time.  Daily training is just practice and volume.  Competing every day is just poor training and programming.  We compete in occasional individual and team CrossFit comps, Weightlifting meets, races and whatever else we can plan and train for.  We train in training and compete in competitions.  If you cut reps in training you will get exposed in competition.  No rep, No rep, No rep.  Or my favorite, “Why can’t I do this?  I do it in training all the time!”  Why do you think we threw away our PR and Benchmark boards years ago.  300 people do not need to be reminded daily how awesome the top 5 people in the gym are.  There will always be a few that just need to be on that board.  In order to get on that board most would have to cut reps, hollow out some plates and Tanya Harding someone to get there.  So now you know why we don’t keep score daily.  We only keep score from competitive events.   Most of the people we have seen cut reps came from other gyms without any real coaching.  We have also seen people go to other gyms to become one of the top athletes and sometimes go to other gyms because they were no longer the top athletes.  That is just not what it is all about.

Is being the best at working out really that important?  Or is being the best you can be the most important?  I guess you will have to answer that for yourself.  To me, what is important is showing up daily to work on your weaknesses and improve.  Period.  When you are having problems or concerns get with your coach and work it out.    Your goals, times, weights, gains and losses are yours and yours alone.  Be proud of them.  Don’t let someone else’s interpretation of CrossFit get you down.  Please scale your reps, weights and intensity up or down to whatever level you are at and don’t feel any pressure to do more than you are capable of right now.  Train smart, safe and for longevity.  Keep your eyes straight, tall chest, get that midline tight, smile and train on.  Blue Skies!

Coach Dave


5×5 Push Press

  • same weight as last week

AMRAP in 15 minutes

  • 5 Power cleans
  • 10 Dips
  • 15 Box Jumps

Scale accordingly

  • 225/155
  • 185/135
  • 155/115
  • 135/85
  • etc…

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