Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Overhead Injury Prevention workshop tonight.  Why should you attend?  Our gym is a teaching gym.  It is about higher education not just hitting classes to catch a workout.  This workshop will teach you how your body works and how to prevent injuries long term.  If you have any overhead issues, cannot lock out, nagging shoulder issues, poor snatch mechanics, cannot lockout while kipping this workshop is for you.  If you have no issues at all and are a perfect human machine you will learn injury prevention, long term recovery and mobility techniques.  I hope to see everyone tonight.

Today’s training

3×3 Overhead Squat


  • Wall Balls
  • Burpees

1 thought on “Wednesday, February 12th, 2014”

  1. great day in the gym for me, 3×3 OHS @ 185, 205, 215 , last week I missed the 3rd rep at 215 so was really happy to get it this time around. I think a new PR maybe on the horizon.
    felt good in the WOD 5:54 steady pace all the way thru.

    I feel really good physically and mentally, I’ve taken some measures to try limit some bad habits (alcohol…. I said limit, no eliminate, only 12 total drinks in the past 16 days). and its made a big difference, dropped 6lbs in 2 and half weeks, my strength and stamina and recovery feel way better. 179lbs and strong, Rich Froning is going down in the OPEN !!!!

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