Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

I read this article last weekend.    The massive fitness trend that’s not actually healthy at all.  I found it posted on Facebook and wanted to write something up when I had a few more minutes.   The article appears to be taking a shot at the CrossFit, bootcamp and training programs along the same lines. For the most part the writer is somewhat accurate. I want to point out that training to be fit and healthy does not necessarily translate to performance and vice versa. What makes those types of programs work so well is because they are intense. The body adapts fast to the intensity. There is maybe a little more science behind it but you get the gist.  What is important to understand is that intensity is only one piece of an effective long term fitness and training program. You know that phrase “train smarter not harder”.   What I think the author is doing is not discrediting the types of training but the knowledge of the people delivering the training.  There has been a massive influx of new fitness gyms into the industry in the past 5 years.  Being a student of strength and conditioning for the past decade or so has taught me that a little knowledge can be very dangerous.  Everyone out there is an expert.  Intensity is the new trend and the internet is full of information that can be ingested and spewed out or just copied to look like everything else.  The focus is on kick ass workouts that are intense and fun.  The longer I am in this game the less I think I know.  Not because I am getting dumber (well maybe a little) but because the art is never ending.  It is like learning how to sail on a dinghy in a very small pond.  Sure you can get good and know everything there is to sailing and be so confident in a few months to a year.  Get thrown into the middle of the ocean on a large sailing yacht and you quickly find out how much you don’t know.  At the end of the day, we all show up at the gym because we are trying to get some kind of result.  Whatever it is.  Lose weight, gain muscle, performance goals, look damn sexy.  Whatever.  Your best bet at actually achieving your goal is to work with a coach that is vested in helping you succeed.  Most of the people in the world that have found success in their ventures had some kind of a coach.  Either that or have a type A personality, a job that lets you research and train 20+ hours a week, a full time recovery team and freakish genetics.  Use your coach as a resource.  He or she can help you become the best you ever.  When should you rest, what should you eat, when should you train hard, lift heavy, take it easy, know your focus for the next year and whatever else you need guidance on.  They will help you train hard and smart so you will reach your goals and then some.  

Train on! -Coach Dave

Today’s Testing


3 Rounds

  • 400m run
  • 21 Kettlebell swings
  • 12 Pullups

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