Tuesday, February 11th 2014

The CrossFit Open is just over 2 weeks away.  Are you planning on participating?  We will be doing the Open workouts every week as a gym.  That’s right.  You are doing the workouts anyways so you might as well sign up and participate.  I like the Open.  It reminds me of the CrossFit I got involved with in 2005.  We can all participate.  The weights are not to heavy and the workouts are doable for most.  It is a great yearly competition that allows us to really participate with the larger CrossFit community as a whole.  Last year .04% of the CrossFit community made it to the games.  I am not a mathematician but that eliminates a couple of us.  Last year 138,000 CrossFitters from around the world participated in the Open.  This year will be even more.  This is the one CrossFit event that is for all of us.  If you don’t think you are ready talk to your coach about it.  You just might surprise yourself!

Go to www.crossfitgames.com to register.  Make sure you register under North Shore CrossFit

Open WOD 12.3Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:

  • 15 Box jumps, 24″ box
  • 115/75 pound Push press, 12 reps  (95/55 masters)
  • 9 Toes-to-bar

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  1. the energy in the gym during the weeks of the open is the best. its awesome, it really brings all the gym members together, I just signed up. don’t make excuses, just sign up.

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