Tuesday, December 31st 2013

This is the end of 2013.  What a great time to sit back and review your training journals from this past year.  Start at the beginning.  Did you write down your goals for 2013?  Did you accomplish them?  How many times did you ring the PR bell?  Tomorrow is a day off for most of us.  Spend some time setting up your goals for 2014 and a game plan to accomplish them.  Make 2014 your best year ever!

Holiday Schedule

New Years Eve – Closed at 1pm

New Years Day – 12noon class only

Today’s workload

Partner row sprints

  • 4000meters
  • switch every 200 meters


KB Snatch Fran


  • KB Snatch each arm
  • Pullups

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, December 31st 2013”

  1. 2013 was a great year at NSCF, I set many goals and accomplished most, some goals I did not accomplish, but I did not lose sight, I am still working at it and will make it happen. I know why I fell short in most instances. New plan for this years goals, I am going start a new journal for 2014, and the first page will be my 2014 goals, and I’ll discuss with a coach on what I can do to better achieve or exceed them. It’s been a great year and aside from my own personal growth I’ve witnessed and seen some amazing transformations of new athletes, some insane progression of the veterans, and even seeing some of the newer coaches come into their own is inspiring. Set your goals, and make sure you get in the gym consistently. 2014 is gonna be great, also, I am going to destroy rich fronning in the open this year

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