Treehouse Quarterly Assessment Protocol

The goal of training at the Treehouse is to constantly work on self improvement. Our natural tendencies are to gravitate towards what we are good at or comfortable with and avoid our weaknesses. This happens even more in a group environment. You are only as good as your weakest link. Our program is designed to identify those weaknesses and systematically improve on them. We refer to this constantly as Mastery! That philosophy is what separates just working out from training.  

The Treehouse recommended minimum quarterly assessment is our base program. Everyone needs to complete one. Regularly evaluating, adjusting and implementing strategies for improvement is the key to long term success.  

The tools you have at your disposal are team training, personal training, workshops and constant online resources. If you have aggressive goals or are training for a specific sport/event you may want to assess more often. Full time athletes need evaluation almost daily. Consistent assessments will allow you to interact with your personal coach to identify where and how you can maximize your results.  

Coach Dave

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