Treehouse Open Heart Challenge

The Challenge

This Friday is the first Open workout. Let’s start our Intramural open off the right way – with an Open Heart Challenge!

We will have a large bin placed at the front of the whiteboard for the World Wear Project. The mission of the World Wear Project is to distribute wearable shoes to third world countries while diverting millions of pounds of refuse from our landfills each year. The shoe bin should be filled with wearable basketball, running, tennis, court, aerobic and training shoes. Shoes should be in wearable condition, no stains, holes or overly worn. The organization will pay $.55 per pound of shoes.

These funds will be donated to HAWC. HAWC provides free services and support to victims of domestic abuse residing in 23 cities and towns on Massachusetts’ North Shore. This organization’s two-fold mission: to support the healing process of abuse and to change social norms and behaviors that perpetuate violence and oppression. This organization is personally near and dear to me and I’m pleased that we will be able to give back to an organization full of selfless volunteers who support and truly care about the welfare of everyone.

Let’s do a little community giving back while earning a point for your team. Bring in a pair of wearable shoes to donate. We will have the bin at the gym until the end of the open or until it is full.

We also will have two other bins to donate to Haven From Hunger. This amazing local organization provides families struggling to put food on the table hunger-relief programs with their food pantry and community-meals program.

These clients include working families trying to make ends meet, elders scraping by on limited incomes, and individuals trying to get their lives back on track.

The food pantry provides over 1,800 households with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, diary, and canned goods. Last year, they distributed enough food for close to 600,000 meals. The community-meals program offers guests a filling, nutritious supper in a friendly atmosphere four nights a week. Last year, they served over 9,000 suppers. In addition, they provide free summer meals to low-income children. This past year, they served close to 4,000 lunches to children in need.

What items should be donated:

Haven From Hunger needs these foods:

  • Tuna
  • Peanut Butter
  • Hearty Soup
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Breakfast Cereal
  • Canned Fruit

Again, we will continue accepting donations throughout the entire Intramural Open.

So not only will your team earn a point for donating wearable shoes and a point for donating a food item, but you will also be helping those who are less fortunate, so its a win for everyone!

The Two Intramural teams are:

Dumbbell Vikings – Team Captains – Derek & Max

Danvers Kilobars – Team Captains – Mark & Carla

We held our draft on Friday, February 10th and both teams are stacked!

Free Agent market officially opened – February 11th. We already have had some great draft picks, setting this up to be a fantastic competition!

What are Free Agents? That means you had not signed up for draft day and you still need to be drafted by a team. So it means game on! The coaches can actively recruit any members who are not on their teams. Everyone will end up on a team. If you are not on a team yet.. Get the word out there to the coaches you are ripe for the picking!

Also, if you decide to do the workouts at any class on Friday.. you will automatically be drafted to a team.

WORKOUTS: 5 Friday’s in a row!

Start Date: Friday, February 24th

End Date: Friday, March 24th

Starting February 24th: ALL classes will be programmed for the first Open workout. You can come morning, noon or night. Friday Night Lights, however, will be the BIG night for teams to gather and have a fun time together. This is where the Team Spirit points will be awarded. Even if you complete the workout earlier in the day. Bring your friends and family to cheer on your team at the Friday Night Lights throw down. We will also have Open Gym on Sunday morning at 10am for those who cannot complete the workout on Friday or who want to redo the workout if you are also registered on the CrossFit games site. For Sunday morning 10am you must sign up ahead of time on the posted sign up sheet! No sign up’s means no 10am.

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