Treehouse Member Spotlight: Scott Van Dyke

Attention Treehouse: This week’s Member Spotlight is Scott Van Dyke! Scott joined the Treehouse in February 2017 and has seen marked improvement in his mobility and flexibility. Recently, his wife and daughter joined and we look forward to watching the family develop and increase their fitness. Please welcome Scott to the Treehouse!

Age: 61

Profession:  Self Employed

Treehouse Debut: February 2017

Interesting Facts:  Size 16 EEE feet.  Can you find me some Nano’s?

Family:  Wife Sil, son Scott, daughter Jenn and granddaughters Peeps and Boo.

Favorite Workout:  Ice cream cone curls

Hardest Workout: CINDY!

Accomplishment inside the gym:  Finished my first workout in the allotted time this week!  Convinced my wife and daughter to start training too!

Favorite Book and/or Movie:  Wild at Heart by John Eldridge and We Were Soldiers.

When can people see you at the Treehouse:  Tuesdays at Noon and reluctantly Fridays at 9am.

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