Treehouse Happenings!

Coach Carla’s Sendoff!

Carla has been a huge part of the Treehouse community since her first day in the door. Her smile, warmth and encouraging words have impacted the lives of every person she has come in contact with. Her sense of humor and hugs will be sorely missed. We want to wish Carla the best in her new adventure and send her off to Virginia with as much love as she has shown all of us!

Come join us at Santarpio’s Pizza on Route 1, Peabody – Friday, October 20th at 7PM for some great food, a drink and a proper see you later to one amazing lady!

Treehouse Community

Reminder: Saturday, October 21st at 9am team class – we will be hosting a bring a buddy/family day at the Treehouse. 

This buddy day will be a bit different. A tragedy happened to one of our own. Their home was broken into and irreplaceable family heirlooms were taken along with a large sum of cash. To help them recoup some of the cash they have lost, we ask that you please make a donation of $10 cash buy in for the workout. All funds will go directly to them. 

Although we cannot replace the family heirlooms, we can at least give a little to help ease some of the financial burden. We are hoping we can rally together as a community and help out one of our own in their time of need!

Halloween at the Treehouse

What:  Halloween WOD

When: Saturday, October 28th at 9am Team workout – Teams of 3

Come dressed in your favorite costume, team up with your friends and complete a hauntingly good workout together! Win prizes for the best costumes, and test out your horror movie knowledge in our horror movie trivia contest!

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