Today Starts a new training cycle

This one took me some time to work on.  One of the specialties at NSCF is our programming.  There are always multiple layers going on at one time.  Something that often happens is having one foot into a couple different programs and not really understanding all the progressions.  Please talk to your coach to see what you should be doing.  In order to accommodate all the different training programs being implemented at the gym we are finally establishing some guidelines.

Classes–  Our group classes are for those looking for the best well rounded fitness program on the North Shore.   We focus on skill development in gymnastics and weightlifting.   There is also strength and conditioning components.  The classes are set up for long term, well rounded success.  Short term performance goals usually require some private attention as well as a specialty program in addition to the classes.

Strength Program– Once a solid base is achieved it may be time to shift your focus to your strength for a specialized cycle.  That does not mean you stop your base fitness class work.  It may mean you cut back on how often you attend and supplement in a specialized program.  I want to add that there is regular strength work in class.  A specialized program is for those looking to make huge gains in that area and can dedicate the time to it.  Check posted times for lifting.

Weightlifting Program- Our weightlifting program is for those who want to take their lifting to another level.  We require you compete at least 1x per year.  We have a well established club that has competed in small local meets, National meets and Internationally at the Pan Am Masters.  We are lucky enough to have Coach Tycz, my Coach from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs here every Saturday to add serious experience to our already solid program.  Please seek out Coach Tycz’s help between 10am-12pm on Saturdays.  He will assist any lifter who is interested.  We are also adding Wednesday night lifting back into the schedule. Please Note:  There are two platforms set aside for any weightlifter that is training for a meet to lift at any time during the week.  

 Open Gym/Practice – Everyone is encouraged to get into NSCF more often for practice.  Work on your weaknesses, recovery and strength.  Work on progressions your coach gave you.  Make sure to book some time with your coach if you need help.  Open gym time is not a time to do different metabolic workouts.  Metabolic work is done in classes.  Follow the program.

 Self Defense – This is an area of the program that will be growing this year.  On Monday and Wednesday nights Sifu Lavaud teaches from 8-10pm.  We are also going to be adding a couple beginner/intermediate classes.  I almost opened NSCF as a martial arts school back in 2005.  I have finally decided to get a small program going long term.  

 NSCF Kids – We moved the kids classes to Sunday morning at 10:30am to give them their own time and training facility.  The gym closes to adults during this time.

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