Thursday, March 13th, 2014

This weeks Open will be done during all the classes on Friday.  We are not able to do Sunday at 11:30.  If anyone needs to do it any other time make sure you get a counter and get it done any time as long as it does not interfere with classes.  This week I need everyone to clearly put their shoe size on the top right of the score sheet.  I am ordering everyone’s sneakers on Monday.  I repeat, no shoe size on a score sheet = no shoes!  Please don’t forget.  The Picardy family is heading to New York to support Cody and the Peabody High Track Team.  Cody is running at Nationals on the 4×800 team.  

Bay State Games registration is up!  We have our next lifting cycle starting the Monday after the OPEN.  I need anyone looking to participate and lift at the Bay State Games to get registered ASAP.  It will sell out fast this year.  Ask around at the gym.  It is worth it for two reasons.  1.  It is a great local meet run at U Mass Boston  2. It will improve your lifting tremendously.  

Today’s Fun

Every minute on the minute for 25 minutes

  •  10 KB Swings
  • 5 Pushups
  • 5 goblet squats

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