Thursday, December 19th 2013

Let’s talk volume.  The beauty of the group classes is we all get to train together and have fun.  The challenge is we are all at different ability levels.  Each of us as a training age that started when we started training.  The more consistent your training the more volume you can handle.  Year after year your nervous system adapts to allow you to do handle more and more.  The workouts are written to challenge our members at every level regardless of training age.  Everyone needs to train smart and scale accordingly.  Today’s workout is a great example. Make sure you think about where you are at in your training.  Adjust the rounds, reps and weight accordingly.  Today’s picture is a great example.  Mark has recently gotten a muscle up.  For weeks or even months he has been coming in over a half hour early to class to practice his muscle ups.  He was relentless.  When it finally happened he was so happy.  Two weeks later he came in and hung a up a pair of brand new wood rings.  It is a great turning point in his training.  It will also take him many more months to be able handle some of the volume of muscle ups in a met cons.  Patience=progress!

3 Rounds

  • 50 Hang power cleans 135/85
  • 100  bodyweight squats

2 thoughts on “Thursday, December 19th 2013”

  1. Beast of a workout. Took the last couple days off due to not feeling so good. Still felt a little weak today. Got 30 cleans into the last round at 135. Probly should have scaled back the weight so I could get the full volume in. Back at it tomorrow if I can even walk.

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