The Push Pull Hinge Program

If you haven’t noticed by now, the warmup has been the same every day since last week. We are currently going through a 3 week cycle of a Push/Pull/Hinge Program. This program is designed to make us take a step back, and work on improving our foundational skills. Push ups, Pull ups, Ring Rows and KB Swings. Our fearless leader, Coach Dave, is always preaching MASTERY. How do you master movements? When you focus on and practice them for prolonged periods of time. By doing this program the way it is prescribed, your mechanics will improve and you will become stronger with these 4 movements.

What is prescribed? I am glad you asked!

The Pushups, Pull ups and Ring Rows are to be done super strict….SUPER STRICT. That means no kipping of any sort. If you can do the movement comfortable at bodyweight, increase your difficulty level. There is a number of variations for each movement that will increase difficulty.

Here is the short list:

Push Ups: Elevated with feet up on a box, P-Bar/Ring Push Ups, Weighted Push ups, HSPU

Pull Ups: L-Hold Pull Ups, Weighted Pull Ups, Pull Up Negatives, Rope Climbs

Ring Rows: Feet elevated on a box, single arm Ring Rows

KB Swings: If mechanics are perfect, increase weight

Make sure to ask your Coach if you have any questions about this program. Happy training!

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