Most people think, “Oh my God, not me, no way” when it comes to meditation.  That’s fine, but let me ask you these questions:

  • Do you find yourself spacing out throughout the day?
  • Do you sometimes just sit on the toilet five extra minutes just to be alone with yourself? (If you’re a mother, I’m sure you can relate to this one)
  • Or maybe while in the shower you just stay there, not thinking, just mesmerized by the water cleansing you?
  • Or how about when you climb into bed, your body just relaxes into the bed, and you find your mind has finally quieted from everything and you just simply lie there?

These are all forms of meditations.

For me it’s writing. I make time every day to sit and let my thoughts work from all different angles to heal a situation.

This has not always been the case.  It actually took me years to figure out what meditating was for me.  I took classes and was guided through meditations here and there, but my thought was like a lot of people, “Me meditate, sit and do nothing for 30 minutes?  Are you crazy?  What a waste of time!”  But there was something inside me saying don’t give up.

It wasn’t until I introduced to my massage clients some simple breathing techniques, did I realize the importance.  A few of my clients have always had a hard time letting go, relaxing and enjoying the work.  For those clients we just started with a simple breathing technique.  Nothing crazy, just simple breathing in and releasing out.  Breathing in healing and release any negative thoughts or feelings.

It made me realize meditation of any form helps.

When you are able to consciously move from your thoughts and bring yourself to a place within your soul and allow yourself to participate in your own healing then this is truly meditating.

So when you say you can’t meditate, it’s not true.  You simply have not defined what it means to meditate for you.

So this it what I suggest to each of you:  For the next couple days or weeks, I want you to become more aware of what allows you to relax and free your mind even for a few minutes.  Once you allow yourself to learn what clears your mind, you then  will find your style of meditating.

To learn how to do self healing meditations contact me for a few sessions and I will introduce you to interactive meditations and help you figure your style, I also will help you realize that meditating is not as complex as you think.


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