Alan DeLorenzo

Other than dating my smoking hot girlfriend. joining the Treehouse School of Fitness was the best
decision I made in the last couple of years. When l joined Treehouse. l was over 300 pounds and looking to get fit. but did not have much lilting experience. Treehouse School of Fitness provided me with 10 one on one sessions to coach and teach specific movements and lifts. The Treehouse coaches establish fundamentals in each athlete before allowing anyone to take classes to protect anyone from hurting themselves. They ste each workout to the level of fitness that makes sense for each individual member. After attending about four classes a week for the last two years, I have dropped over 85 pounds and can physically do things I did not think I would expect be able to do: pull-ups. stretches. clean and jerks. the list could go on and on. Not only do they walk on physical fitness, but also mental fitn as well. No matter what level of fitness l was at. the coaches and other members always made me feel included in the
Treehouse community. We are all theta to improve our oval-ell quality of life and that was what Treehouse School oi Fitness has done for me…my smoking hot girlfriend is also not complaining ;).

Janice G.

I had never been an athlete growing up- instead delving into books and education.  I had joined local gyms and thought I was doing great running on the treadmill or spending time on the elliptical…but the same movements got boring and uninspiring.  I decided, after hearing my friends and family praise their workouts that were short, intense and combined cardio, weightlifting, and flexibility, to give it a try.

I started at NSCF/Treehouse Athletics in April 2015 and after I experienced my first (fun, albeit difficult) workout, I knew this was for me.  Coach Mark has been my coach from day 1 and his encouragement and support have motivated me to give my best at each class!  Thanks to Coach Mark, I have seen a significant increase in my overall fitness and strength.  A special thank you to Coaches Dave, Tara, Derek, and Max too!  These Coaches genuinely care about each person that walks into the gym-and they all live up to their motto – Coaches for life!

I get stronger every day and I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished.  Would I ever have thought I would sign up for a CrossFit competition before? –NO!  Six competitions later and counting, no matter where I finish in the pack, I am challenging myself and becoming the athlete I never was before.

What I realized is there is no need to be intimidated- you are there for YOU and to better yourself!  All workouts can be scaled or modified to fit your abilities.  All members encourage and cheer each other on – We are all there to improve our health and quality of life.  You really won’t find a better group of people.; this is a true community and no other gym compares!

My only regret?…Not signing up sooner!  What are you waiting for?!

Pat Straight back

Transformation Tuesday goes to Patrick Kelliher, Aka “Pat Straightback”. Pat’s doctor told him either Cholesterol meds at age 26 or change his lifestyle through excercise and proper nutrtition. To say the least Pat did not choose light beer, he decided to come to Treehouse School of Fitness and get his own personal Coach. 3 years and 40lbs later Striaghtback is still working with his Coach, still part of a huge like minded community and still making small adjustments to improve the big picture, Cheers Pat!

Deb Halligan

Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF is more than a gym. It is a strong community that has become my family. The coaching staff at Treehouse is outstanding. They are trained to work with the beginner, the elite, and the more mature but experienced athlete who needs lots of modifications because of various physical limitations (that last one would be me!).
The beauty of Treehouse is that we are all there for a common purpose, to stay fit and healthy, no matter our age or ability. Our coaches tailor to our ability. They have helped me overcome so many obstacles, both physically and mentally. I have bad knees; have been told I need bilateral knee replacements. With the help of my coach, Tara Picardy, she has taught me to modify movements and still get the same workout. Due to the strength and flexibility I have gained through her coaching, I will continually prolong the time to surgery! I’ve competed in several CF competitions and 2 weightlifting competitions, despite my medical issues!
Tara has worked closely with me with nutrition and weight goals. Weight and body image have plagued me my whole life. I’ve been on every diet…seriously every diet and I’ve always put weight back on. Tara has taught me proper nutrition, but most importantly, she has taught me to accept me for who I am and to stop focusing on numbers. I now focus on how I feel. Do I feel healthy? Yes! Do I feel fit? Absolutely!
Staying fit and healthy requires a team. The Treehouse provides the absolute BEST massage therapist in the world, Debra Stout. Deb has played a huge part in my road to wellness!
Through Treehouse, I have connected with a holistic practitioner, a physical therapist, and a chiropractor. What other gym can even offer this?
I love my team, I love my community. I love my Treehouse!

Mike Waugh

When I came to Treehouse School of Fitness, I had no idea what the Treehouse was about, or if it was something I would enjoy, all I knew is I was in the worst shape of my life and I needed to do something. I called and got an appointment to meet with Mark. The first day I met Mark, we did a simple walk through of the gym and then a test of my basic abilities. I couldn’t do a single sit up, I was shaking like a leaf for half a dozen push-ups, couldn’t run 200m without running out of breath, I was totally embarrassed. Mark was so encouraging, he made me feel like I was successful and that it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Over the next 6 weeks we worked together through the fundamentals. There were so many days that I wanted to give up, and he’d keep telling me that “there will come a time when this will be the best hour of your day” and I’d tell him, “you’re crazy!” Fast forward 8 months, and I can do a lot more than one sit up, and I look forward every day to that one hour I spend with all the guys and gals at Treehouse. Marks prediction came true and now it truly is the best hour of my day. The community feel that the Picardy’s have created, the entire staff and the other members of Treehouse have had such a positive impact on my life. What I realized is there is no need to be intimidated.

Dave Watson

I just wanted to share with you the success I’ve had losing weight since joining the Treehouse 10 months ago. I was at an off-site meeting for work yesterday and saw some co-workers I hadn’t seen in about a year. They all commented on how good I looked and couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost. Today I weighed in 32lbs lighter than when I started. In May of 2015 my doctor said I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and recommend that an ideal weight for me would be 200lbs. I’m only 6lbs away from that goal and should reach in a month at this rate. Even though the scale says I lost all this weight I have a hard time seeing it. I told this to a friend who works out at another affiliate. He suggested that I put on a pair of pants from before I joined the Treehouse: There’s a good 4-5″ from my waist to the waistband. I’ve seen people in commercials do this but I never thought I’d be one of them! This has led to a problem I didn’t anticipate before starting- buying new clothes that fit the new me. I wanted to thank you for all your support. Having a great coach made my goals attainable. I can honestly say that I would be nowhere near where I’m at if I did this on my own. I look forward to surpassing my doctor’s goal and achieving my own personal goal. Thanks again!

Tori Gillespie

As someone who has never been very physical… Gyms usually freak me out because of fear of judgement. Not so here… Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. It’s a great community and I’ve been helped by both trainers and members with fitness and diet. Thanks!

T.J. Baril

Yo yo yo. I don’t do the Facebook – but if it gets me something for free – I will try it once. Treehouse/NSCF is an unbelievable place with amazing people. It does not matter what your athletic or physical background is, you can do it. Everyone suffers and succeeds together. As someone what has attended every different class time, I can honestly say it is the community that keeps me coming back. The coaches take the time to work with every individual, the members push each other, and Dave and Tara make everyone feel like part of the family.
Hook it up with a stamp on the bingo card and looking forward to a free month!

Rachel D’Agostino

Great facility, awesome workouts, and unparalleled coaches. Perfect place whether you are just starting out or having been doing crossfit for years and want a challenge. Love this place!

Nicole Stoney Ventura

Love this place! Coach Derek spent 2 months patiently training me, working on my form and always encouraging me to do my best. Everyone here greets you with a smile and a hello. I’m looking forward to what’s in store as I start taking classes!

Maggie Mitchell Getchell

I’ve been active most of my life and decided this was my next step. So glad I tried it! I started and continue my training with Max. He rocks! All the coaches are very positive and and helpful and so are the members. Everyone encourages each other all the time. I have a long way to go but am enjoying the journey.

Lexy Noël

I’ve been a member for over two months now and I’m already hooked. I won’t lie, I was pretty nervous to first walk in and sign up, but I’m so glad I did! The couches are absolutely wonderful and value good technique and concentrating on being your best. The community spirit is amazing and I’ve met so many nice people. The biggest reason why I love this place?? I’ve never pushed myself to overcome goals like this and I’m constantly surprised by what I can do. I’ve never had such confidence and it just keeps getting better. Thank you Treehouse for being an amazing gym, group of teachers, and friends.

Laura Gallagher

I love Treehouse School of Fitness! This gym is magical. My endurance has increased and I’m building muscle tone. The coaches are all top notch. They make the classes fun and enjoyable. I never thought I’d be singing Benny and the Jets at 6am 🙂 I never thought I would be saying things like Jerk, Thrusters and Snatch without getting slapped. It’s a place where you don’t have to be over 65 to play Bingo! Fitness is fun at Treehouse School of Fitness�

Jonathon O’Reilly

I have been a member for over a year and half after my last gym closed. I have never meet a more energetic and welcoming group of people. Shout out 4:30 crew.

Janice Grivetti

Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF is simply the best around! The Treehouse is a true community where each person is supportive, motivating, and full of encouragement. The best people you will ever meet! Getting fit here starts with a strong fundamentals program which emphasizes proper technique and safety and all physical levels are welcome and movements can be modified accordingly. The coaches are great and knowledgeable- a special shout out to the morning Coaches Mark and Max, who are the best of the best! The facility is large and clean and there is plenty of room to work out. If you are looking for a great place to get fit, look no further!!!

Jake Crandall

Dave and his team are absolute fitness professionals. I’ve been to a million gyms as both a member and an instructor. Dave’s team is constantly pushing themselves to learn more and provide better for their clients.

Christopher Pierce

Been going here for more than 4 years and love everything about it more every day.

Howard Scott Van Dyke

Hey guys Tree house is 100% “FAT BOY APPROVED” I’ve been going to Tree House since Feb, I am well on my way to being a “LEAN MEAN FIGHTING MACHINE” !!! The coaches are top notch, members are great and I’ve got most of the family going. Hope to see some of my friends there. Call me and I’ll give you all the details. Just remember if an Old Broken Down FAT Guy like me can do it ANY ONE CAN !!

Benjamin Shute

Owners are fantastic, coaches are motivating and the patrons are inspiring.

Ashley DiRosa

Deffinatley my favorite place to be! I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other gym!

Alessa V

Had the pleasure of traveling for work and visiting multiple boxes along the way. This place is one of the ones that has my heart. The space is impressive, the programming dynamic and fun, and the community extremely supportive. More importantly the coaches truly care and provide attention to the athletes no matter what level. They promote the importance of technique and structure while also allowing the members to have fun. Will miss you all!!


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