Janice G.

I had never been an athlete growing up- instead delving into books and education.  I had joined local gyms and thought I was doing great running on the treadmill or spending time on the elliptical…but the same movements got boring and uninspiring.  I decided, after hearing my friends and family praise their workouts that were short, intense and combined cardio, weightlifting, and flexibility, to give it a try.

I started at NSCF/Treehouse Athletics in April 2015 and after I experienced my first (fun, albeit difficult) workout, I knew this was for me.  Coach Mark has been my coach from day 1 and his encouragement and support have motivated me to give my best at each class!  Thanks to Coach Mark, I have seen a significant increase in my overall fitness and strength.  A special thank you to Coaches Dave, Tara, Derek, and Max too!  These Coaches genuinely care about each person that walks into the gym-and they all live up to their motto – Coaches for life!

I get stronger every day and I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished.  Would I ever have thought I would sign up for a CrossFit competition before? –NO!  Six competitions later and counting, no matter where I finish in the pack, I am challenging myself and becoming the athlete I never was before.

What I realized is there is no need to be intimidated- you are there for YOU and to better yourself!  All workouts can be scaled or modified to fit your abilities.  All members encourage and cheer each other on – We are all there to improve our health and quality of life.  You really won’t find a better group of people.; this is a true community and no other gym compares!

My only regret?…Not signing up sooner!  What are you waiting for?!