Deb Halligan

Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF is more than a gym. It is a strong community that has become my family. The coaching staff at Treehouse is outstanding. They are trained to work with the beginner, the elite, and the more mature but experienced athlete who needs lots of modifications because of various physical limitations (that last one would be me!).
The beauty of Treehouse is that we are all there for a common purpose, to stay fit and healthy, no matter our age or ability. Our coaches tailor to our ability. They have helped me overcome so many obstacles, both physically and mentally. I have bad knees; have been told I need bilateral knee replacements. With the help of my coach, Tara Picardy, she has taught me to modify movements and still get the same workout. Due to the strength and flexibility I have gained through her coaching, I will continually prolong the time to surgery! I’ve competed in several CF competitions and 2 weightlifting competitions, despite my medical issues!
Tara has worked closely with me with nutrition and weight goals. Weight and body image have plagued me my whole life. I’ve been on every diet…seriously every diet and I’ve always put weight back on. Tara has taught me proper nutrition, but most importantly, she has taught me to accept me for who I am and to stop focusing on numbers. I now focus on how I feel. Do I feel healthy? Yes! Do I feel fit? Absolutely!
Staying fit and healthy requires a team. The Treehouse provides the absolute BEST massage therapist in the world, Debra Stout. Deb has played a huge part in my road to wellness!
Through Treehouse, I have connected with a holistic practitioner, a physical therapist, and a chiropractor. What other gym can even offer this?
I love my team, I love my community. I love my Treehouse!