Alan DeLorenzo

Other than dating my smoking hot girlfriend. joining the Treehouse School of Fitness was the best
ecision I made in the last couple of years. When ljoined Treehouse. l was over 300 pounds and looking to get fit. but did not have much lilting experience. Treehouse School of Fitness provided me with 10 one on one sessions to coach and teach specific movements and lifts. The Treehouse coaches establish fundamentals in each athlete before allowing anyone to take classes to protect anyone irom hurting themselves. They ste each workout to the level of fitness that makes sense for each tndeual membet. After attending about four classes a week for the last two years, I have dropped over 85 pounds and can physically do th’ngs I did not think Iwould evet be able to do: pull-ups. stretches. clean and jerks. the list could go on and on. Not only do they walk on physical fitness, but also mental fitn as well. No mattet what level of fitness l was at. the coaches and other members always made me feel included in the
TI’eehouse community. We are all theta to improve our oval-ell quality of life and that was what Treehouse School oi Fitness has done for me…my smoking hot girlfriend is also not complaining ;).