Onward and Upward

Our last warm up cycle of “Push, Pull, Hinge” was a success! Returning to the basics and increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance are the keys to long term growth, development, and continued progress. As you have probably noticed, we are on to a different cycle and we’ve included various baseline tests. We will revisit these …

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Staying on Track

Has your enthusiastic beach body shape-up waned into just the occasional Summer workout? It’s time to reassess your habits. Here are some quick steps that can help you get back on track with your routine. Make a plan: It’s hard enough to stick to a workout routine even without the craziness of Summer plans, so it’s …

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Silver Branches Congrats from Coach Carla

Big shout out from Coach Carla for all your determination, hard work and amazing progress! Nancy and Dana have been training together at the Silver Branches class since January. Each week they are learning new skills and making huge gains in strength and conditioning. Say hello to these troopers next time you see them!

Bring a Buddy Day at the Treehouse!

Attention Treehouse!  Saturday, April 15, 2017 is “BRING A BUDDY DAY!”  The Group 9am class will be open to you and friends/family.  NOTE: Friends do NOT need prior experience.  All movements will be doable for newbies/inexperienced yet challenging for you regulars.  Don’t worry, I won’t program 1000 wall balls again…at least not this weekend! Research …

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