Primal Instinct

When we think about Primal eating, Paleo eating, or whatever the next fad diet is, we should think about what is missing.  It’s not all about eating a certain way for everyone.  These “diets” all have something note-worthy to take away from and implement in our lives.  Somehow they only seem to work for short …

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Stuffed Portobello

Stuffed mushrooms Portobello caps, remove stems Stuffing mixture 5 sundried tomato chicken sausage, remove from casings Onion dices fine Pepper diced fine Or (mistaking my ninja as a chopper and not a puréer yep it was liquid) but it worked Diced celery Garlic Horseradish to taste Mushroom stems chopped fine Diced spinach Chive And some …

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Optimal Health

Things to Remember in Learning to Fuel the Body for Optimal Health and Performance. We need to clean up your food and learn to eat foods that are working with YOUR body and not against it. Eating whole, unprocessed foods with a rich complement of fat and other nutrients is not unhealthy.  OVEREATING refined carbohydrates is. The …

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Deb’s Ahi Tuna Breakfast

Sashimi Tuna Rinse Sashimi grade tuna in cold water Rub pepper mixture on tuna-black crushed pepper-smoked paprika– dash of sea salt-ginger Slice tuna thin Place on top of a bed of spinachSome avocado Maybe tomatoes Add what ever you like for morning veggies Side of Coconut Amino’s Now that isn’t a boring breakfast!!! DebrAnn

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