Staying on Track

Has your enthusiastic beach body shape-up waned into just the occasional Summer workout? It’s time to reassess your habits. Here are some quick steps that can help you get back on track with your routine.

Make a plan: It’s hard enough to stick to a workout routine even without the craziness of Summer plans, so it’s especially important to get your workouts on the books if you’ve succumbed to the “too-busy” excuse one too many times. Make sure you add your workout to your phone’s calendar or pencil them into your daily planner at the start of each week. Scheduling when you’ll actually exercise will help ensure you plan around your workouts, not skip them.

Stop the sabotage: Relaxing Summer days can mean you’re finding it easier to give into high-calorie indulgences, and while it’s important to give your diet wiggle room, being too lenient when it comes to Summer treats can cause major damage. All those barbecues and happy hours aren’t helping either, just remember moderation is key.

Up the intensity: Showing up is half the battle, but if you want to see major changes, then you’ve got to keep your workout’s intensity high. That’s easier said than done, of course, when days are hot and humid. But don’t let the weather get the best of all the work you’ve put in so far. Make sure your workouts are still high-intensity enough to rev up your metabolism. If you are away or just can’t make it in, trade your regular workout for a cool swim, or wake up earlier to fit in a workout when it’s too hot.

Ask a Coach: Chances are your Coach is in the exact same boat as you over the summer months. Reach out to a Coach to get some workouts to do while away on vacation. There are hundreds of workouts that do not require any equipment, but can still be more exciting than a long run.

There’s always time: The biggest excuse will always be “I don’t have enough time”. There is always time! You just have to make your health a priority and just show up! See you at the gym!


Pool Party at the Picardy’s!

Each and every one of you is important to us. You are all an extension of the Picardy family! To show our appreciation, we would like to invite all of you to a Pool Party at our home.

  • When: Saturday, July 22nd @ 1:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Where: Picardy residence – reach out to us to let us know you are coming for address
  • Why: Because you’re awesome
  • What: BBQ, Pool party – bring suits, sunscreen, meat to grill or Side dish to share, BYOB
  • Email Tara @ to RSVP and for address

We had a blast last year with all of you and hope you can join us again this year!

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Treehouse for the win!

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