Sesame Chicken

This was going to be at our lecture tonight, I do look forward to seeing you all next month.  You MUST SIGN UP, for this workshop monthly as space is limited and a head count is appreciated.  GO OUT and ENJOY the SNow… 
So I tried really hard to not make this spicy.  I like the taste but miss the kick.  I am experimenting with my diet.  My autoimmune disease is in a major flare up.  Which means I must  tweak my life style.  My body is constantly fighting  a battle, in my gut and if I don’t stay super clean I flare up.  I have decided to take it to the next level and omit everything out of my diet and start from scratch.  I know it isn’t just about my diet, there are the other factors in life that play a role with my digestive issues.  Stress being one of them, physical and mental.  I do my part in trying to maintain the balance through work, play, getting out in nature, meditation, exercise, reading, being mindful and staying present and just simply breathing.  But just like you, I find my self all wound up tight and ignoring me and my needs, until the alarms go off.  This is when I completely stop.  I start to figure out what is and what isn’t working and tweaking or letting it go.  That is where I am right now, not a crossroads at all.  I am standing in my power of decision and making a choice to once again rid the foods that may be reeking havoc on my whole system, my health and wellness is my responsibility.  So back to researching and experimenting with myself.  I enjoy playing both the scientist and the guinea pig.
Through the years I have dug deep and learned what and how to listen intuitively to my body and its needs.  I have decided to use the FodMap plan and take my health to a new level.  This plan has a lot of the healthier foods I use daily like, 
   * Garlic – avoid entirely if possible
   * Onions – avoid entirely if possible
   * Artichoke
   * Asparagus
   * Avocado
   * Baked beans
   * Beetroot
   * Black eyed peas
   * Brussel sprouts
   * Broad beans
   * Broccoli
   * Butter beans
   * Cabbage
   * Cauliflower
   * Chick peas
   * Fennel
   * Green pepper (green bell pepper)
   * Lentils
   * Kidney beans
   * Leeks
   * Mushrooms
   * Okra
   * Peas
   * Soy beans
   * Scallions / spring onions (white part)
   * Shallots
Let me tell you a little bit of how I cook and the main ingredient I use to create a dish.  First off I have many cook books and books on foods that heal for medicinal purposes.  I do my research and use my intuition a lot when creating a dish.  This one was created with the ideas of the medicinal purpose of Ginger, Horseradish, Amino’s, sesame seeds, and garlic.  Yes I know these are on my no list and will remove them by the end of the week from my diet all together.  But the combination is what I felt has some great healing properties, plus it was created to share with friends tonight at our workshop.  
The other thing I do is use my senses, I don’t measure, I taste and add, I feel my food and experience it and know what I need to add.  As I sit here I feel my body telling me that it isn’t really completed until you drizzle juice from and orange and add zest.  So when people ask me for my recipes its hard, sometimes I don’t even know what I add lol, I just know I need a dash of this or that.  
Want to learn how you can cook to heal your body?  Join me on this journey, first Wednesday of every month at NSCF.
Thinking I may have to do videos in the near future, teaching you how to be a passionate home cook.
DebrAnn D.C. Edu.

3 thoughts on “Sesame Chicken”

  1. DebrAnn, Thanks for these recent food posts.

    I was surprised to see so many legumes and soy on your list. No denying legumes have nutritional value but also contain some of the bad stuff that grains do. Also I swapped green for red peppers years ago when I was found out green have very little nutritional value compared to red. Amazing considering that a red is a ripened green pepper. Also I assume removing onions and garlic is a personal issue. Never heard anything bad about those. I hope to get to one of your upcoming seminars.

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