Onward and Upward

Our last warm up cycle of “Push, Pull, Hinge” was a success! Returning to the basics and increasing strength, flexibility, and endurance are the keys to long term growth, development, and continued progress. As you have probably noticed, we are on to a different cycle and we’ve included various baseline tests. We will revisit these workouts at the end of the cycle and you should see improvement! Tuesday we had the 10 minute weighted box step up test, using the dumbbell weight of your choice. By the end of the cycle, the max number of reps you complete should increase and/or feel easier to do. We do many exercises that target your legs including squats and deadlifts, but one of the most basic movements you can do is the step up. Step ups are extremely effective in improving stability and leg strength. Because you must unilaterally move, it requires a great deal of balance and you will be able to strengthen each leg individually. Over time you can increase your work load by transitioning from unweighted to weighted (add one or two dumbbells or kettlebells).

We are looking forward to seeing each of your reps increase this month! If you have any questions about this cycle, please ask your Coach for Life!

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