NSCF members take on the ECTAthlon

A quick overview of the ECTAthlon race on Sat…Fran Boggs is running, Carla Saco is biking, I am riding my horse Indy, and Amanda Dubois is kayaking. Race starts at 10:30am with the runners at Bradley Palmer state Park.  Runners loop back around to where to the starting line to meet the bikers.  Bikers will ride to meet riders at Black Oak farm jump field which is at the southern end of Winthrop street in Hamilton; basically on the other side of Bradley Palmer. So after Carla bikes off onto her course, you’ll drive a few min down the road and meet me at Black Oak where I will be waiting for Carla!  I will then ride my course and end at the intersection of Topsfield road and Winthrop street in Ipswich, near the Winthrop bridge, to meet Amanda, who will finish off the race in her kayak!  The race ends at Peatfield street in Ipswich, in the EBSCO parking lot.  There will be an awards ceremony and food to follow 🙂

Please take a few minutes to read over the Competitor Information and look over the Course Map.

Hope to see you and some fellow NSCF-ers there!!! We are very excited to represent our awesome gym!

– Jess

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