There was a conversation in the gym the other day that touched on a subject which we dove deep into.  Gym cleanliness.  It was sparked off by a post that I was glad hit the website.  At 6am there was blood on a barbell that was left from the night before.  Our facility is relatively clean but stuff like that still happens on occasion.  As a business we hire a cleaning person to take care of the bathrooms and vac the place bi weekly.  On top of that all the coaches have weekly equipment cleaning duties.  Unfortunately, that is not enough to keep a facility of our size and use looking sharp.  I want to to give the NSCF community some of my thoughts on the subject.  

NSCF is my training Dojo.  I have been training in the martial arts for most of my life.  I have modeled NSCF after the “Mastery” philosophy, discipline and respect I learned at the many different schools and teachers I have trained under.

Let’s talk about the dojo philosophy.  A dojo is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way” and refers to a formal gathering place for students to conduct training.   Our way is functional training, we follow CrossFit philosophy and our gathering place is NSCF.  A proper dojo is considered special and is well cared for by its users.  It is traditional to conduct ritual cleaning at the beginning and/or end of each training session.  There is actually a term for this ritual, “Soji” and students take great pride in it.  Most dojo’s are supported and managed by the student body.  

I take great pride in our NSCF Dojo.  It is a very special place where lives are changed.  A place where as a community we hone our skills and chase mastery of movement.  A place where we can become the best us we have ever been.  In order for everyone to share that experience we need to respect each other and our dojo.  We need to keep it clean and picked up.  Before class or after class make sure everything is put back where you found it so when your training partners show up for their training session they have the same experience you had.  Make sure the water bottles are picked up and there is not chalk all over the floor.  There is no blood on bars or the pullup bar.  The wrapper from the bandaid you used is not thrown on the floor.  The tape you ripped off your hands during the workout is not left on the floor.  The water you spilled is cleaned up.  Your stuff in the bathrooms or cubbies is not left behind.  If equipment is damaged put it aside and tell the coach.  This is our dojo and it is our responsibility to keep it perfect.  If the gym is cleaned tonight and a couple of the things mentioned above happen at each class tomorrow, your dojo looks like a dump by the evening classes.  After 3 days no one wants to do pushups on that floor.  Each and every one of us needs to pay attention to our surroundings every time we are at NSCF.  Make it a habit to give your area a once over before you start or leave.  It enhances all of our experiences and will give you a sense of pride in your facility.  – Coach Dave


3 thoughts on “NSCF Dojo”

  1. Thanks Dave! That’s always a great reminder for everyone. Now, I would like to apply that philosophy to my house…

  2. I have been to dojos where you kiss the mat upon entering. Getting that visual with NSCF turf? With that said, maybe take off, or switch footwear if entering from the back door would also help.

    Great seminar last night. Thanks Dave Tilley and Bret.

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