Monday, May 12th, 2014

Today’s Picture:  There are many techniques for foam rolling.  The one rule that they all follow is never, I repeat never roll your cervical spine.  I should point out that Darwin is sleeping.

Facility reconfiguration Phase 1 complete!  We have a slight facility reconfiguration going on over the next month or so.  Phase 1 was moving the platforms.  Phase 2 will be moving the turf.  The 5 week strength volume program ended last Friday.  That leaves 2 programs in full swing.  The general fitness classes and the Bay State Games program.  We will be heading towards PR’s in the classes by the end of June.  Starting next week there will be some performance programming added after class volume is completed for those who have time and want the extra work.  I want to point out that it is not instead of class.  It is on top of class.  

Today’s class

5×5 Back Squat (ascending set)

  • A set every 3 minutes for 12 minutes once set up
  • 1st 3 are warm up sets


  • Back Squat 60% of best 5 (from the floor)
  • Burpees


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