Monday, March 31st, 2014

The 2014 CrossFit Open is officially over.  It has been a fun 5 weeks and it is now time to shift gears.  This week is testing week. Let’s see where we are at!  Next week starts the official beginning of our next training cycle.  Your numbers (percentages) will all be coming from this weeks efforts. 

Snatch PR (25 min)

  • 3×3 then singles

4 minutes of reps!

  • Max consecutive pushups
  • Max kb swings immediately when finished the remainder of the 4 minutes.

NSCF Circle Question of the day – Each day of the week NSCF will post up at the gym and on the blog the question of the day.  Stay tuned and stay connected.  

Today’s is Mixed up Monday question of the day:

The following are fun facts about your NSCF Coaches/Apprentices Dave, Tara, Derek, Max, Joe, Debi, Jeanee and Carla.  Guess which fact belongs to which Coach/Apprentice:

“I used to eat jello like this … swish it around in my mouth, spit it back into the bowl and then truly eat it through a straw.” – Carla “The Goff Apprentice” Saco

“I once dyed the tips of my hair red.”  Coach Derek

“I played center for an all girl’s street hockey team in a men’s league and play lefty.” – Debi Elbows

“I eat popsicles year round.” – Jeanee ” Mad Max Apprentice” Gonet

“I know how to knit.” Coach Max

“I’ve always wanted to have long hair.” – Coach Dave

“I have a deep fear of the eyes on potatoes.” –  Coach Tara

“I used to regularly get bleach highlights in my hair” – Coach Joe


Good luck!

1 thought on “Monday, March 31st, 2014”

  1. Awesome 4:30 class! Snatch prs all around the gym!!! Went in today with a snatch PR of 175. Did triples up to that and then got singles at 185 and 190. I sat under 195 for a couple seconds on first attempt and it felt good so I went to 200. Ryan cole and I battled back and forth for a few reps on that but ultimately the barbell won on 200. Looking forward to many weeks of squatting and getting stronger to make that lift a reality.

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