Monday, January 13th, 2014

Open WOD 11.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

  • 60 Bar-facing burpees
  • 30 Overhead squats (120lbs / 90)(110/75)
  • 10 Muscle-ups 

11 thoughts on “Monday, January 13th, 2014”

  1. Derek "the Goff"

    PR on this workout-finally made it through all of the overheads. Finished with 3 Muscle-ups. Extra workload- 2k Row.

  2. 3 weeks of bad eating, drinking and poor exercise routine have ended. Back to the noon class today. I tried to sign in for every noon class for the rest of the year, but the computer at the gym would not let me. Feels good to be back in my routine. I blame my downward spiral mostly on Santa Claus, Jack Daniels, chicken wings, and Las Vegas. Today was a good smack in the face to say the least.

  3. Nervous going into this one. I didn’t know what to expect considering only hitting 2 workouts in the passed 2 weeks. Great way to start and get back into it. I took it nice and easy and set times in my head to where I wanted to be. Got through a full round and 1 burpee into the second. Frigan pumped! The 430 class killed it. I also stayed and watched the 530, who always smoked it. Great job everyone! Back at it tomorrow! Also hit an extra 2k row with Miguel, burp, and Greene. Boom!

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