Meal Swap – 30 Days to WholeHealth

Beginning this Sunday, February 16th at 10am we will be holding an informational meeting of our Meal Swap Group.  This group will be getting together to share their passion for food and to help others stay on track with eating healthy.  To make this even more exciting, we are making this group challenge a 30 day challenge.  During this 30 days we will challenge ourselves to detox everything.    

So this is how it’s going to work:

Depending on the amount of people interested we could have teams of 3 or up to teams of 7.

Everyone cooks a bulk meal that will feed their team, you portion it out and place in container(s) to share.  If you are in a team of three, you now have 2 meals for the week you didn’t have to cook.

Each meal has to have appropriate animal protein, healthy fat and veggies.

We will try and place teams in appropriate groups according to their likes.  For instance, a spicy group, a bland group, the OMG do I have to eat that, but I will try it group, a picky eaters group, and a get in my belly anything goes group, lets get creative with this.  

We will meet once a week and work on recovery.  

Cost is $20 per week and you will receive a new challenge each week.

Want to participate but are not sure how to cook or where to begin?  Let’s set up an appointment and start finding how to bring passion for cooking in your kitchen.  Remember the first Wednesday of each month we hold a meal prep cooking class. 

Share with friends and family, let’s see how big we can make this group.  This is open to non-NSCF members also, the weekly fee for non-NSCF members is $25 

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