Lifestyle or Diet

Lifestyle is a choice.  It is YOUR lifestyle made up of YOUR choices you make in all areas of life, not just the food on your plate, or the exercise you do.  It is your whole health.

Have you ever heard someone change the word “diet” to “lifestyle”?  Perhaps saying they want to change the way they eat for life.  Diet can mean short term, going after specific goals, not a whole health life change. But does changing the term mean setting oneself up for a “lifestyle” fail?  Are they changing the name to try to change the result?  Is it actually a sustainable change they can make for life, or are they repeating what they have done in the past, simply under a different label?

Its time we stop labeling and finding the “diet” or “lifestyle” that fits in with what we are currently doing.  It’s time to make the actual change and create something new.  If you are looking for a change its because something isn’t working.  You know the old saying –” the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over, expecting a different result”.  It’s time to change the behavior to get a different result.

Choose a lifestyle that will lead you to living your best life.  Define what that looks like for you.  Do you know?  Declare it and make a plan to start living it.  Start making the choice today; the choice to live a healthy lifestyle Mentally, Physically, and Emotionally.

Need help finding what works best for you?  Let me know.  Set up a time to come sit down and talk about your individual goals, ideas and changes.



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