Liberty Street Construction alert

What’s up NSCF.  The bridge on Liberty Street near the gym is getting an overhaul.  The timing seems to be perfect.  A few weeks ago the water main broke on it and washed a good portion of the bridge support out.  They have scheduled work to have the least impact on the traffic in the area.  Starting Monday October 27th they are making the bridge 1 way for 2 months only.  The bridge only.  The rest of Liberty street will remain 2 way traffic.  The bridge will be 1 way from 62 to High street.  If you are coming from Beverly it will not affect getting to the gym.  To leave the gym jump the take a right out of the gym and a right at the lights.  Jump the highway down an exit to get back to Beverly.  If traffic is affected coming from the Salem area take the right at Cranny Storage and come in through the parking lot across the street from the gym.  

Danvers Patch Article

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