Its all About Recovery Tonight

Just a reminder for those who are doing the 6 Week WholeHealth Challenge.

Tonight is all about recovery, come prepared to stretch and roll.

  • Bring water
  • Bring a Softball, Baseball and a golf ball
  • If you have a foam roller bring it

I want to see your recovery journals too!

If anyone who is not part of this group and wants to join us to learn some important recovery tools you are welcome to join for a $10 Drop in fee.  We meet at 7:30PM.  See you tonight!

Health & Wellness Coach,


4 thoughts on “Its all About Recovery Tonight”

  1. I had a weird feeling driving home … I was relaxed and it felt awesome!!! The Stretch and rolling were amazing and we only reviewed each position (instead of giving each the proper amount of time!!!) Need to listen to Debi more often and do what she says! I would love a once week class on stretching/rolling/meditation!!! Thanks!!!

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