Introducing Bay State Physical Therapy

We are excited to announce that Dave Tilley of Bay State Physical Therapy will be having “Treating Hours” at NSCF starting today.

Many times, we have clients who come in with mobility/range of motion issues due to past injuries. Most of the time, you are referred to a physical therapist from your Primary Care Physician to treat these issues.  

How this works?  If you’d like to schedule a screening, speak to Dave Tilley and set up your initial screening at Bay State Physical Therapy located at 133 Highland Avenue, Salem, MA.  After this screening, if findings conclude you will need treatment, he will see you at NSCF for your treatments.  His hours will be 1PM to 4PM (30 min sessions).  Dave utilizes manual therapy techniques, a function based treatment approach, and current evidence based research to optimize his patient’s rehabilitation process.  Dave strives to connect with each of his patients individually in an effort to help them go above and beyond their previous functional levels. 

Dave is only one of the professionals we have added to the NSCF Team to revolutionize the way we work with clients to optimize their performance, fitness and health.  Welcome Dave Tilley to the Team!

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