Fuel for Thought.

Fuel for Thought.

Think about the power of the word “Choose” …

It may be the single most important word in your life.


Let’s look at what the dictionary says about the word “choose”.

1. to select from a number of possibilities; pick by preference
2. to prefer or decide (to do something)
3. to want; desire. 
4. to make a choice. 
5. to be inclined

Look at #1 “to select from a number of possibilities”, this is powerful.  A number of possibilities, I would say this is unlimited.  Even if you don’t make a choice, you are still choosing.  You now think you’re not responsible because you didn’t choose.  Sorry you did choose to give up your choice.

Here are some examples:

  1. You could choose to live a sedentary life or an active life or maybe you choose excuses.
  2. You could choose to imagine your life as successful or believe that success will never come your way.
  3. You could choose to believe in something when all those around you say you should not believe in it. Or maybe you choose confusion between two things, thinking you’re not choosing but you are, you then choose doubt.
  4. You could choose to take “action” or not take action. Or you could choose to let someone else.
  5. You could choose to gain knowledge by meditating and working with self.

Look at #2 from the above.  To prefer or decide (to do something):  even if you don’t choose something, you still chose. 

Let’s look at #3, “to want, to desire,” we all have wants and desires, you can “choose” to give love or not allow love in.  You can choose to seek after that which you desire, or simply hope it will magically come to you someday.  Or you could choose to believe you don’t deserve to desire anything or anyone.

You see, it is “YOU”  that chooses, YOU have the power to choose the direction of your life.  It is after all your life.  Have you chosen that yet?

  • You can choose to have success.
  • You can choose to have a healthy body by choosing what you put in it and what you do with it.
  • You can choose to use the power of attraction, create  in your mind  your success and believing that the success you are visualizing is already yours!
  • You can choose to take that new job.  You can choose health.
  • You can choose to forgive and to heal.  It’s all a choice.

It is “YOU” who must choose, no one else can choose for you.

Here are some important questions:  What are the things  you choose?  What are your reasons for choosing?  Who are you choosing for?  What inside  you is doing the choosing and why?

Know the power of being consciously aware when making a choice.. It is your responsibly to own your choices. 

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