Front Squat Mechanics

Wednesday is a great day to PR your front squat!  A front squat requires the barbell to be stabilized across the clavicles and anterior deltoids in a clean grip, with the arms parallel to the floor.

Begin your workout with a proper warm up.  Start off with joint mobility – specifically, “shoulder dislocates” will help improve your shoulder mobility as the barbell is in the rack position resting on your shoulders.  Also work on your ankle mobility.  If you have trouble getting below parallel in your squats of if your heels raise off the ground when squatting, you may need to concentrate on ankle mobility stretches.  Proper squats are the foundation before you start adding any weight to that barbell!

Loading the weight in the front demands a more vertical torso and forward knee tracking.  Leaning forward or having collapsed knees during the movement leads to poor quality squats and likely not the weight you are capable of moving.

Cue yourself – elbows up, do not let your torso fall forward, squat below parallel, and track your knees properly.  Take a deep breath and focus the pressure to the abdominal area to stabilize your torso. Hold your breath through the descent to the bottom position (crease of the hip below the knees).  Exhale as you stand up, remembering to drive through the heels, maintain your chest and elbows up, and knees out.

If you are having mobility issues, you can always schedule an FMS screen with Coach Mark who can evaluate your potential problem areas.  Mobility is the key to your success!  Good luck everyone on your front squats- may you PR today!

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