Friday, September 26th, 2014

Happy Friday!  September is coming to an end!  This fall is full of great community events to jump on board with!  Make sure you pay attention to the upcoming events.  We will be adding a few more before the month is out.  

Testing!  Constant development and training is only good with frequent testing.  Make sure you put in the effort during testing and know what your scores were the last time you did it.  Just writing down your times in a journal does not help you analyze to improve and get better.   We have been working on our tracking system for the past year.  It is up and running now and will have a couple upgrades before the end of the year.  LOG YOUR SCORES!  The system will analyze your data.  It is going to be able to fully track your gains, analyze your training and help you train smarter!

Testing: Max Turkish Get up Each Side

Workout of the Day

As many reps in 12 minutes of:

12 burpees
12 kettlebell clean and jerks

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