Facility Upgrade

And so it begins!  As many of you have noticed we have been in renovation mode for a couple weeks.  Thank you for bearing with us.  Why the change?  Programming, class flow, extra workload and energy.  You see, over three years ago we moved into this amazing facility.  We added turf and it was installed in the wrong spot.  Right down the middle.  Since then we have been working around it.  I finally decided to take on the task of moving it, with help of course.  We will now have much better flow and training in the gym.  The class space will be huge and we are planning on updating our pullup, ring and wall ball setups to something spectacular!  As always there will be a dedicated lifting area with 10 platforms and 2 Jerk block stations.  We are going to have a cardio area at the front.  For starters there will be our 11 rowers, treadmill and bike.  We are planning on adding in machines.  We will have a dedicated information center, Level 1 private training area and a performance area for extra workload.  Of course our martial arts area is getting a makeover and our studio upstairs now houses Tai Chi classes and Bay State Physical Therapy.  


With all these upgrades we are adjusting how the flow of programming goes.  The group classes are the base fitness requirements.  Make sure to participate in classes and then get in your team lifting and skill practice before or after.  There will be an area of the gym for that and the weekly extra load will be on the board for you.  Follow the programming and talk to your coaches.  There is also the Olympic team workload for those training for meets and not in our fitness program.  Enjoy your training!

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