Why do you have a Coach

I got this texted over to me yesterday while I was working on programming. It was perfect timing for me.

“Hey bud I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about the week. Personally, I have had a phenomenal week at the gym, performance-wise. I have had an awesome time working out. The programming has been awesome as whole, this week included. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

Let me tell you why it is perfect timing. Weekly for the past 9+ years I struggle with how to train everyone with one group program. Everyone is at different stages of their training with different needs, skills and goals. What really stands out in that message to me was the word “Personally”. You see, the programming is lining up perfectly for that person doesn’t mean it lines up perfectly for others. I also get messages telling me there is too much strength, not enough strength, not enough met cons, met cons are to long, etc. The issue I struggle with is everyone is right. It is impossible to deliver CrossFit training philosophy in a group class environment. Everyone that trains at NSCF, or any gym programming CrossFit philosophy, needs “Personal” attention and plans.

We implemented a new strategy to accomplish this a couple years ago. We are just now at the point where our long term vision to actually train everyone is coming together. It has been a two year process. So here is your game plan as an athlete at NSCF. You need to interact with your coach more often. Check in, send them updates, ask question and if you need some extra help in areas of your training please book a personal training session with them. It is worth it! They will help you navigate and adjust the general programming to fit your needs. They will help you perfect double unders, snatches, cleans, jerks, pull-ups, muscle ups, diet and whatever else you need to get better at. They can give you homework and specific drills to help you get better. After the first year or so just randomly showing up and training stops to yield the same exciting results. That is when a few tweaks here and there will matter. It is not the programming or that the gym is not good anymore. It is because you need some individualization. It is as simple as that. Something else that I want to address with this is copying what someone else is doing or getting advice off the internet does not mean you will get the same results. Everyone training at NSCF needs to be working under a coach. No one is on a different program. If you observe someone doing something in the gym that seems different than everyone else it should be because their coach is having them do it. That is what I assume if I see it. They are not doing a program their friends at another gym are doing or something they found on the internet. Having coaching on the ground, looking at what you move like, knowing what programming you are doing and making adjustments matters.

Just in case you are not sure who you are supposed to be interacting with I am going to post it up. If you started the gym doing private training with a coach, that is your coach. Forever. If you have been around NSCF longer than that, your coach is either Dave or Tara. You will either already know which one or you can choose any coach you want to work with. Just let them know and start communicating!  -Coach Dave


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