Chicken Cordon Blue

Chicken Cordon Blue on a bed of Spinach Topped with pine nuts and Balsamic

  • Clean and cut chicken breast to thin out.  I use the whole breast and slice until it opens, (not all the way through) 
  • I run my knife along the chicken careful not to slice through, just enough to even out thicker parts
  • I use a cooking stone with edging I purchased from pampered chef, cover pan with olive oil
  • Place chicken on pan (I like to place chicken on pan and coat both sides in olive oil)
  • Lay a slice of Uncured ham on top
  • A slice of your favorite cheese
  • Spinach can be placed in this or used to place chicken on when done as I chose in the picture or both 😉
  • Roll chicken, ham, and cheese up. 
  • Season with your favorite spices
  • I used some fresh garlic, red pepper, sea salt, black pepper, McCormack’s kick-in chicken
  • Cook at 375 for about 25 mins. May give or take time depending on your oven, just cut one in half if they are different in size, cut the biggest one and if not pink then those babies are ready to take out of oven.
  • Steam, blanch, or leave the spinach raw
  • Cut cordon blue in one-inch slices top on spinach sprinkle with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar 

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