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Big PR today …… Michelle Link competed at the Call of Honor Triathlon today. She finished up at 1.02.21 7th in her age group(vs her 1.11.44 26th finish in 2013) Way to Go…. Race Results

Weightlifting News

Video from The Baystate Weightlifting Meet Womens C-J Blue Platform Womens Snatch Blue Platform Womens C-J Red Platform Womens Snatch Red Platform Mens C-J Blue Platform Session 1 Mens Snatch Blue Platform Session 1 Mens C-J Red Platform Session 1 Mens Snatch Red Platform Session 1 Mens C-J Session 2 Mens Snatch Session 2

Weightlifting News

Bay State Games 7-13-2014 Snatch C-J Total Sarah Sirios 45-48-50x 57-60-62 110 Erica Poitras 48-50-51 58-61-63 114 Deb Halligan 31-32-33 45-46-47 80 Leah Booty 43-46-52 62-65-69x 117 Steve Blair 57-60-63x 77-80-83x 140 Brandon Arakaki 73-76-80 93-96-100 180 Mike Malkin 80x-82x-82 107-114x-114 196 Adam Drolet 93-96-100x 129-133x-137x 225 Mark Cotreau 72-75-80x 92x-92x-92 167 John Bateman 101-104-105 …

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Endurance News

Michelle Link complete her Olympic Distance Triatlhon yesterday.9 Mile Swim 36:04 22 Mile Bike Ride 1:23:22 6.2 Mile Run 1:058:39Total 3:09:23She is training for her 1/2 Iron Man in August…..

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