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Are you prepared to succeed with your fitness?

Prior to graduating to group classes, you will work closely with your coach to properly prepare you for the demands of group classes. Everyone has different backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. Proper individual assessment and skill development are critical to long term training success. We used to throw people into group classes right away, but we …

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Congratulations and Welcome Jon!

Please welcome new graduate Jon to the Treehouse Community! He graduated from the Fundamentals Program in 10 sessions, and completed Fight Gone Bad on Saturday with a monster score of 230! Look out for Jon at the 7pm classes and Saturday mornings, and try to keep up with him! Awesome job Jon, congrats! -Coach D

Congratulations and Welcome Andy!

Please welcome new graduate Andy to the NSCF Treehouse! Andy completed his Fundamentals Program this week with a Fight Gone Bad score of 161! He quickly went through the required 10 Personal Sessions, and now has all the skill development, practice and…

Congratulations and Welcome Stephen!!

Please welcome new grad Stephen to the NSCF Treehouse! Stephen completed the Fundamentals Program yesterday on his 18th Personal Session. He worked his ass off on Fight Gone Bad and got a score of 141! Stephen made awesome progress during his Fundamentals Program, every session becoming more and more confident of his fitness and abilities. […]

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Welcome Alby!

The NSCF Treehouse welcomes Alby officially to the team.  Alby crushed his Fundamentals in just under 3 weeks and is already tearing it up in classes.  His official FGB graduation score was 192.  He will be kicking around the gym most evenings.  When you run into him make sure you welcome him to the team! […]

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