Calling all NSCF alumni.

In the words of Bruce Buffer, “It’s Time”.

Over the past 9 years we have had many great people train with us. It is time to come back in! I am putting out an offer to come back to NSCF to get those results and kick ass community you came here for originally.

Every new student starts our program one on one with a coach. All returning members will have 3 one on one sessions with their coach before going into the group as a refresher tuneup. If there are any underlying issues we will get you assessed and to our in house physical therapist, massage therapist or acupuncturist. The first session is on us.

It must be the time of year but over the last few weeks we had a dozen former members come back in. They have all commented on how improved the program is, how incredible the facility is, how the approach make more sense and if they had the same individual attention when they originally had joined they never would have stopped coming. Which has prompted me to write this article.

One of the issues that kept us adjusting our intro programs was the low retention of clients. 3 out of 10 new clients a month would actually stay and over a few months that number would drop even lower. Once we hit a certain membership number retention actually dropped to zero. 10 new members in and 10 members out. Instead of spending the time needed to individually train our clients we needed to put effort into brining in more. It only took us 9 years to figure it out with the mentorship of the MadLab group. It is impossible to actually teach you the olympic lifts and gymnastic skills needed in a few sessions or even an extensive group program to succeed in our group classes. Impossible! There are too many complex movements that need individual coaching and time to develop. When exercises like Handstand pushups, ring dips, snatches, clean and jerks, muscle ups, double unders, etc. come up in a workout most new members are totally lost. They adjust the workouts and don’t get the results they came in for. The select few that dig it out for a year or so get better but most don’t make it. You don’t get the benefit out of this type of training if you cannot do it. We are then just like every other group fitness craze. We were just acting like we are not with a holier than thou attitude.

We now individually teach you movement in it’s proper progression until you can do it. Reviewing it once in a group setting is not good enough.

Being a professional trainer I have always had this crazy idea of actually training people. So if you do the math, a 30% retention rate on new clients that have sought out NSCF to help them achieve the results they are looking for is not very good. Looking at the math I was not really training anyone at all. We have now reversed that number. Most actually get the results that they came in for. Over the years when trying to implement improved programs I was actually told that I can’t expect everyone to succeed. This type of training is not for everyone. I am proud to be able to announce that is total crap. This type of training, that is training with proper progression that is scalable for everyone, teaches people how to run, jump, pickup heavy things, throw and everything in between is for everyone. What is not for everyone is a high skill, high intensity gymnastics and weightlifting program with no real progressions and individual programming. That is just dangerous and has given CrossFit a bad name. Unfortunately, most that are guilty of this think they are good and everyone else is bad. Greg Glassman who founded the CrossFit movement trained all his clients individually until they were ready to be teamed up with others to save them money and make training fun. If that is how it was originally designed, how did the implementation get so far off course. At NSCF our trainers train their clients. They do not just run group classes.

So why did you stop your training at NSCF?

Scheduling conflicts
Housing changes
Trying something different
Not happy with something at NSCF
Not good at weightlifting
Nagging injuries
Feeling a little lost
Didn’t connect with friends

Whatever it was it may be time to get back on the horse.

NSCF has had many evolutions over the years. Our goal is always to professionalize our service and truly work with our clients to achieve their goals. It has been a long process and we are finally there. We have full time coaches that will individually train you for success.


2 thoughts on “Calling all NSCF alumni.”

  1. Melissa Poole-Dolan

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for posting this. I loved coming to Crossfit and I miss it terribly. I left because I felt like I couldn’t do many of the classes. I felt like I was a bother and that I shouldn’t be somewhere where I couldn’t do everything. There was so many things that I loved about going and I wish that I could have just done those things. I had never felt so good. I felt the best I ever have when I was going to class. The weight lifting , rowing, squats, kettle bells and some of the exercises were awesome for me. I just couldn’t do some other things.
    I am so happy to hear that your changing things around. Best of luck!!!


  2. Dave – I have been talking to Chiaccio and coming back in June. This a great idea for past members.

    Can’t wait to enjoy the first month of re-entry.

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