Breakfast Cake – Muffins – Pie

Breakfast Cake – Muffins – Pie

This is a meal for on the go, sitting down with the family or for the first meal of the day.  For those of you who still do the whole snack thing but need more, this is a great way to get a well rounded meal (snack)  mid-day.  Remember eggs are not just for breakfast anymore.

 Hope you enjoy this, please share your favorite combinations.

• 12 Eggs
• Roasted Red Peppers
• Diced Scallions
• Diced Chives
• Chopped Fresh Spinach
• Fresh Salsa
• Sea Salt
• Black Pepper

Add more or less of what you like for seasonings.  Start being creative and experimenting with food.

Meat Options all or nothing
Find the highest best quality meats possible, nitrate free, uncured, and grass-fed

• Chopped and cook bacon
• Ham
• Sausage removed from casings and cooked
• ground beef, chicken, pork, shredded beef, get creative.

In a bowl place all veggies in, add eggs whole or whites it’s up to your preference.  Do half and half if you like. Whip it all up good.

In your cake or pie pan, if you have chosen to use meat then pour cooked meat and some fat on the bottom of pan, spread evenly with rest of ingredients.

Bake at 400 for about one hour, or until center bounces like a cake.

* ovens vary so times will vary also

Cut up into about 8 squares wrap or place in containers, you now have one of the healthiest meal on the run.

If using muffin tin you can rub with a paper towel the fat from meat and add meat to mixture stir well.
You will scoop out enough to fill 3/4 of muffin tin.

*oven temps vary

These may take about 30-40 mins or more. Again center will bounce when done.

*You can also use coconut oil to coat the pans, especially if NO meat is being used.

The most important thing you can do is to play with your food. These types of dishes are awesome for adding new foods to your diet.  Spinach was a least favorite for  me and now it’s a favorite.

Try different combinations.

Egg, broccoli, onions, sausage

Egg, basil, tomato, chive, garlic

Egg, steak (cook first) mushrooms, onions, peppers

Bon appétite,

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