Welcome Andrew Burgess to the NSCF Team

Andrew Burgess is offering assessment and monitoring services for personal lifestyle, corporate wellness and athletic performance through award winning physiological analysis using advanced heart beat technology. If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle, this will help you reach a higher level of wellness and performance.

The assessment is a scientific evaluation of your lifestyle and the balance between its primary factors of stress, activity and recovery. This physiological analysis uses advanced heart beat technology to determine:

How do you handle stress? How Productive is your work time? What effect does this stress have on other areas of your life?
Periods of prolonged stress without sufficient recovery weaken the body’s defenses and increases the risk of cardiovascular and lifestyle diseases.
Are you active enough? Do you maximize your exercise? What are the effects of your exercise regime?
Good fitness can increase the functional quality of your life by as many as 20 years.
Do you recover sufficiently? Do you get the right amount of sleep? How is the quality of your sleep?
Brain capacity drops by 40% after five consecutive nights of poor sleep. Long-term sleeplessness puts you at risk of many diseases.

The Lifestyle Assessment is a simple three step process:
Measurement: Typically a three-day assessment representative of your ‘normal’ lifestyle, wearing a discreet monitor, producing objective physiological data.
Feedback: Identify particularly stressful periods during work and leisure time, determine if your activity levels are frequent and intense enough to provide positive health effects, evaluate the quantity and quality of your recovery. Presented in a personalized written report highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for change.
Action: Individual action plan for positive change leading to higher levels of wellness. Learn how to effectively manage your stress, make the most of your exercise and improve the quality of your sleep.
After a prescribed period of change, a follow-up assessment is recommended to confirm the positive progress you will have made.

As an introductory offer, for the first 20 participants, the Lifestyle Assessment is available at only $149.

Please find attached two a Sample Lifestyle Assessment in PDF format. I stress these are only SAMPLES, each assessment is customized for your individual needs.

To take advantage of this introductory offer and book your Lifestyle Assessment contact me directly at this email address or the number below.

Kind Regards,


Mr. Andrew Burgess
Athletic Development and Elite Performance Specialist

+1 (617) 612-5371


Sample Assessments

Sample Assessment Andrew Burgess (May 2014)

Sample Assessment Andrew Burgess II (May 2014)

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