The Treehouse was born from almost 10 years of experience building our training business. Somewhere along the line we started using the phrase “The Coolest Treehouse in Town”. We had some great success and failures over the years. The one thing we have figured out is that everyone needs individual attention to succeed long term. Proper assessment and an individual game plan focusing on your goals will help you be the best you possible. The other thing is that it all revolves around building a strong community. We work hard to make The TreeHouse the best part of your day. We don’t just train. We are a family.

All you have to do is show up and play. The TreeHouse takes care of the rest.

The Treehouse is laid on a solid trunk and roots of professional training principles, professional coaches, state of the art facility, professional recovery experts. The treehouse offers a collection of private and group training for fitness and athletics, competitions, social outings and life long friendships.

To get into your treehouse you need to get a solid foundation. Once your foundation is laid you will start your journey in the coolest treehouse in town!