• Here is how the first 60 Day Journey Works
  • Day- 0-7
  • Day 8-30
  • Day 31-60
  • Day 61+


Here is how the first 60 Day Journey Works:

Day- 0-7

Your first week is about setting the stage for success. We start with a FREE TreeFit Intro where we will create a plan to help you reach your goals and collect information about you to help personalize your experience and workout plan. Armed with information we will start you off with 3 private training sessions to get you ready for classes. At the end of your first week you will receive a detailed summary of your week.

Day 8-30

Your coaching team will be checking in with you weekly to see how you are doing and keep you on track. It starts with a detailed summary of your first week in classes as well as an individualized routine built around your needs. You will also be moving into our TreeFit conditioning and our TreeFit Skill, Drills and conditioning classes.

Day 31-60

By now you can expect to see measurable results in your body composition and your fitness. At this point you will be put in our monthly nutrition challenge to help dial in your nutrition and results! You will continue to have fun in in fat burning group classes and you will have the option to meet your personal trainers 1-3x per week if you want to supercharge your results.

Day 61+

At this point your clothes will start to feel looser and you’ll have more energy. You will be participating in the many different levels of the Treehouse program. This is usually the time your friends and family will start noticing that you have lost weight. Typically we receive the most referrals during this phase of the experience. You will have a core group of friends and you will start holding each other accountable. This is usually the time members start hanging out together outside of class and integrating into the community we have here at the Treehouse.