6 Week WholeHealth Challenge

Let me start off by saying I am so proud of all of you that took the plunge and focused on new goals.  We approached this challenge as the whole self while most wanted to focus on the food we did touch base on other things.  We met every week to go over journals and tried very hard to be available to those who had different goals.  Each week we focused on new topics.  My main goal was to approach everyone’s individual needs and questions.  We had a specialty WOD for those who chose to participate.  We had a recovery class that touched base on stretching, rolling and meditation.  I believe from the feed back that everyone got something from this challenge and have gained some new tools to move forward.

The Hydrostatic Tank was an amazing way to measure your muscle mass.  We are basically under the false assumption that BMI charts are accurate.  Funny how our perception changes with a number and a prognosis.  What is healthy, What does healthy mean to you?  This is a very important question you need to ask yourself.  I hope more of you take advantage of the hydrostatic tank in the future, it is a great ways to bench mark your training.  For me I will do this in a year to see how it changes.

At the end of our challenge I was so proud of everyone and didn’t think it fair to pick a winner based on numbers alone,  and the fact that everyone had different goals they wanted to achieve.  I decided to let my team choose based on who they felt would benefit from 90 mins of services from me.  The winner from the team was almost a tie it was between Alex T. and Chris R.
Alex did amazing with the whole challenge and actually lost the most weight.  Gained the most muscle, increased his WOD’s and participated every week.  Chris  also did awesome, he learned new tools and became more mindful of food.  He also came faithfully each week, and participated to the best of his ability.  I am amazed by ALL of you.  But the winner goes to Chris R.
I want to thank you all for trusting me to guide you and helping you explore different ways to become healthy.  I look froward to working with all of you in the future.
Here are a few testimonies from our participants.
“I just wrapped up a six week Whole Health Challenge with Debi and can honestly say it was a great experience.  After years of unhealthy eating, Debi provided me guidance and a framework to change my habits and lifestyle.  She has a wealth of knowledge regarding not only the pros/cons of various food groups which I found helpful, but also how to effectively motivate people to help them reach their goals.  After six weeks of working with Debi, I feel the best I have felt in years.  I was able to reach my target weight and body fat percentage at the end of the challenge. But more importantly, I have a better understanding of what it means to eat healthy, which will benefit me for years to come.” Alex T.

I didn’t know what to expect from the whole health program. I had done a 30 day challenge on my own before and had researched and tried to apply healthier eating habits on my own, and had some success in the past. When I saw the post for the whole health program starting in early January I thought it would be the perfect way to jump start my diet and my overall wellness in the new year.
I have been slacking in the diet department pretty badly since about September. Starting a new job in the city brought with it unhealthy lunches out with my new co-workers and grabbing after work drinks and food. Things really went off the rails around Thanksgiving and I didn’t even try to get back on track through the holidays. 
Through whole health I was able to relearn what my body wanted and needed nutritionally. Debi did a great job providing handouts, eating tips, recipes and encouraging and critiquing our food journals. But the program was much more than an “eat this, don’t eat that” class. Debi provided us with a fun and supportive group atmosphere, listened to where we were having trouble and provided insight in how to correct it. The class went well beyond what we were eating and involved workouts, recovery coaching, meditation and an overall lesson about listening to your bodies. I will definitely incorporate things I learned over the last 6 weeks in the rest of my life and am glad to have Debi as resource for when things start to slip in the future.
My stats: I dropped a little over 12 lbs and decreased my body fat % by over 3%. I have eased back a little on my diet and reintroduced some of the things I have cut out, but I intend to keep going and set a goal of dropping 4 more lbs and 1 – 2% more body fat by the next weigh in. 
David R.

I tried to use this whole health challenge as an opportunity to try out a new sustainable dietary lifestyle that would get me to my goals in terms of both fitness and livability. My goal was to lose around 1% of body fat in a way that I could sustain for a long time.  I succeeded in the body fat loss but unfortunately I don’t feel as healthy and energetic as when I was eating more carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc. I think I still need to find a better balance.

Some things I liked about the challenge were the body fat testing before and after. It was motivating to know that my body fat would be measured again in the same way. I also really liked the rolling class that ended with the mediation, which really felt more like a whole health thing. The challenge largely seemed like a weight loss challenge which isn’t really what I was looking for.  All in all I am pleased with the results, but I would have really liked more meditation/recovery sessions. 
Thank you, 

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