360 Degrees to a Healthier You!

360 Degrees to a Healthier you, The Unique Diet Plan is designed and customized by you for your life.
We all have different goals, body composition, body chemistry, body history, lifestyles, Why would we all have the same needs to fuel our body? 
Are there basic guidelines to go by, absolutely!  Lets touch on some basics and how to start figuring out what it are your needs to sustain a healthy active life.  Together lets find the balance that will help you achieve your desired outcome.
First off, lose the word “diet” in the sense that you must deprive yourself of all the foods you love.  Food gives us pleasure it activates our senses.   Most of us “use” food, we use food to avoid emotions, fill an emotion or filling voids unfulfilled in our lives.  I am not going to get too much into detail about this now, I just want you to start to become aware, of  how and why you eat, what and when your are eating or making food choices that are not coinciding with your goals and desires to live healthier.
We all have the knowledge base of what is and isn’t healthy for us, but do we actually understand that if we are not consistent with our goals, our desires that they will fall short.  These things are not done in a week, 30 days, 60 days or even a year.  We have to honor the process, the steps, our shortcomings, our goals, but most importantly we must honor our desire to live a healthy life.  If you are not honoring this desire for a healthy life then what are you honoring?  Why are you not sticking to your goals?  Have you even thought about that before?  It is time to ask yourself why.
To do this, list your excuses, every time you hear one in your head or speak of why it is the right time to begin, or say I can’t, its too expensive, my family won’t do this with me, I’ll start on Monday, I just have to get through this.  List them… the list is long I am sure.  We are human and we all have a bucket list of excuses bigger than our bucket list of desires.  Become aware of the many ones you use in your life, what is your behavior saying?
Match your Goals with ACTION
This isn’t a race, this isn’t a competition, it is your life.
Start by prioritizing your commitment and desire to live healthy.  Where is your focus?  What is it you want? What are your goals and the outcome you are looking to achieve?  Make a realistic plan of action.  
  • What is a realistic action plan for you? 
  • What are you willing to commit to? 
  • Make your dietary needs match your life plan.
  • Make choices that will support the life you desire.
Be patient yet persistent in your goals and the outcome will be rewarding in not only your dietary needs but your whole life. 
Moving Beyond Limits
Debra A. Blaisdell D.C.Edu.
Holistic Whole Health & Wellness
Massage & Recovery


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