360 Degrees to a Healthier You, The Unique Diet Plan – Step 2

360 Degrees to a Healthier you, The Unique Diet Plan is designed and customized by you for your life.
What are your specific goals?  The best way to measure our outcome is to take the time and first set the goals, know our reasons behind why we want those goals, understanding how we are going to achieve those goals, and setting up an action plan.
Most of us hate the journaling process, but if we are to become aware of change and to notice where we need some tweaking this is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.  It gives us feedback on what is and isn’t working.  We live in such a way that we want change, yesterday, yet do nothing today to make that happen.  Keeping a journal keeps us accountable and shows us things we may not have really been aware of.  It helps us remember our goals and see when we are working on them and when we are creating excuses to not stick with them.  It can be an awakening into what is holding you back from reaching your personal goals.  This is really a must when starting on this journey.
Where to start when Journaling
First buy yourself a nice Journal or notebook it doesn’t have to be fancy
Title it, give your journal a name that matches your goal.
Take a picture of yourself and place it on the first page
  • Why you want to change
  • What needs to change
  • Where you want to see yourself in a year
  • How you plan to get there
  • Take some measurements
  • What are your fitness goals
For the first week of journaling I suggest that you write everything down without changing a thing from your routine.  This will give you an actual place to start from by seeing where and what needs to change.
Here are some suggestions.
  • How you felt when you woke, how long you slept, did you dream, did you toss and turn, did you have a belly ache, this will give you clues on what type of sleep patterns you have.
  • Meals you had during the day or snacks, even if you had hard candy or gum write it down
  • fluids you consumed during the day and how many ounces
  • Did you exercise and how long
  • How did you end your evening?
  • How did you fall asleep, your last thought of the day and how you felt your day went.
Moving Beyond week One
Let the fun begin, here you are going to really focus on the things you noticed that need to change from week one journaling.  Go over your journal, look at it as if you were helping your best friend achieve their health goals.  What would you say to them.  What advice would you tell them?  If you can’t be honest with yourself don’t expect any changes to happen.
Here are some suggestions.
  • Set the tone for the day, be prepared, have at least 4 meals prepped and ready to go.
  • Avoid the terms breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks.  Eggs are not just for breakfast and they are not the only thing to eat for your first meal of the day
  • Meals should be balanced with at least one green vegetable, a protein source, some fat.  Color and texture is a must so add colorful vegetables, nuts, seeds, or berries.  Don’t forget your root vegetables either
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, commit to stepping out of your food comfort zone, try something new each week.
  • Buy foods in season
  • Drink your water
  • for every caffeinated beverage you consume increase water consumption
  • Shop the perimeter of supermarkets
  • Seasonings and fresh herbs are wonderful to add to your meals
  • Set time to at least do 10 mins of exercise
  • Get out and walk, nature is so healing
  • Check out your local farmers markets
  • Have fun experimenting and researching with recipes
  • Take notice of your Daily Wins, the moments that make you smile.
  • Enjoy the process
  • Be Patient
  • How you felt when you woke
  • Set your daily goals
  • What did you consume for meals
  • How long did it take to eat your meals
  • What were your thoughts while eating meals
  • Mental chatter going on in your head while eating
  • Any Emotions before, during, after meal
  • What else where you doing while eating meals
  • Did you meet your goals for the day
  • What are your Goals for tomorrow
  • What is changing for you
  • How your body digested food
  • Were you hungry after a meal
  • Did you exercise
  • How did your body respond before, during and after workout
  • How did your day end
  • Last thoughts before bed
  • Did you do any recovery work, stretching, rolling, gentle yoga
  • How much water did you consume
Adopt a mindset that is going to give you success, it isn’t about winning or losing, good or bad, its not about perfection it is about consistency.  Redefine your thoughts, have patience with your self, trust the process, you owe it to yourself to get to the root of whats holding you back from achieving your goals.  Pay attention to your own body’s feedback system and you will soon be on your way to better health and longevity.
Moving Beyond Limits
Debra A. Blaisdell D.C.Edu.
Holistic Whole Health & Wellness
Massage & Recovery

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